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Telit concludes deal to absorb Stollmann products, IP and personnel 05.02.2016

Stollmann and Telit - On February 04, 2016, Telit concluded a deal to absorb certain Stollmann products, intellectual property and personnel into its portfolio, engineering and R&D organizations.  While the integration of the Stollmann team into Telit has started, all personnel and points of contact for customers and partners remain unchanged. In the coming days, Stollmann employees will be reaching out to customers and partners to update contact information. As the integration proceeds we will update the market with any new material information.
Telit (AIM: TCM), is the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement.  The company offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products and services for end-to-end IoT deployments – including cellular communication modules in all technologies, GNSS, short range wireless modules, IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services.

Through the IoT Portal, Telit makes IoT onboarding easy, reduces risk, time to market, complexity and costs for asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, telematics, industrial automation and others, across many industries and vertical markets worldwide. 

If you have questions or need to contact us please write to info(at)


Acal BFi and Stollmann announce new distribution agreement 25.08.2015

Hamburg, Germany 25.08.2015 – Acal BFi, the European leader in advanced technology solutions, will incorporate Stollmann’s Bluetooth modules into their product portfolio effective immediately. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Stollmann has specialised in the development of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy modules for years. With the intelligent embedded standard modules, Bluetooth or Bluetooth Smart can be quickly and cost-effectively integrated to enable communication with smartphones, tablets, and PCs even without Bluetooth know-how.

The Bluetooth Low Energy modules have been specially developed for use in demanding applications. Thanks to its extremely low energy consumption, the "BlueMod+S" single-mode module is especially well-suited for use in sensors and other battery-operated applications. The pin-compatible "BlueMod+SR" dual-mode module is available for easy Bluetooth pairing with NFC handover and it is compatible with classic Bluetooth.  With the development kit for the single-mode module, also available through Acal BFi, customers can develop their own firmware on a previously-certified Bluetooth module.

"Stollmann's Bluetooth modules combine high quality with a very small form factor and easy integration. They are ideally suited to make a variety of applications quickly and cost-effectively IoT-capable. We are glad to work with Acal BFi, a reliable and dedicated partner for everything IoT related in Europe" said Florian Herrmann, Director of Operations at Stollmann.

Lee Austin, European Business Development Director – Communications Division at Acal BFi said: “We are delighted to announce our new, distribution agreement with Stollmann. The addition of Stollmann’s high quality Bluetooth modules complements Acal BFi’s portfolio and further enhances our ability to promote a variety of technical solutions to our customers. Providing the perfect solution for the bespoke needs of our customers is vital and therefore we are pleased to offer Stollmann’s leading-edge products to the European markets.''

Acal BFi
Acal BFi is a European leader in advanced technology solutions, providing marketing, engineering, design, manufacturing and custom services and the only such provider with an infrastructure to deliver a broad complementary range of specialist products and bespoke solutions across Europe.

Serving all industrial sectors and operating with focused strategic business units covering all electronic and photonics technologies.

Acal BFi is part of the Acal Plc Group - The Acal plc group has completed seven acquisitions in the last four years. Acal’s long term strategy is to gain significant additional market share through both organic growth and acquisition and to further enhance its value adding capabilities.

Acal has operating companies across Europe including the UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Italy, Poland, Spain and the Nordic region. Additionally, Acal has operating companies in India, USA, Asia (China and South Korea) and Africa (South Africa).

Press contact:
Amelia Morgan-Giles
Tel: +44 (0) 1189 029629

Bluetooth Dual Mode Module with NFC Handover 26.01.2015

The “BlueMod+SR” Bluetooth dual-mode module by Stollmann now offers NFC handover as an additional feature. NFC handover enables easy Bluetooth pairing for Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth low energy.

The very small form factor module (17 x 10 x 2.6 mm) has an extremely low energy consumption and a wireless range up to 100 m and is just as well-suited for use in industrial applications and for the Internet of Things and wearables. It can be easily and cost-effectively integrated.
“BlueMod+SR” provides the Serial Port Profile (SPP) in classic mode. It is also equipped with a GATT interface and the Terminal I/O profile that is based on GATT and similar to SPP. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the development of applications. Parallel operation of SPP and Terminal I/O connections is supported by a simple multiplexing protocol.

The NFC tag is connected to the “BlueMod+SR” via the I²C interface. The NFC Forum Type 2-compliant NFC tag NT3H1101 by NXP is supported.  The field detection function of the tag can be used to wake up the “BlueMod+SR” from standby and to initiate the Bluetooth communication.

Stollmann has developed an NFC Utility App for Android for evaluating the NFC handover feature. An evaluation kit including software packages and NFC Utility App is available.

Bluetooth Low Energy Single-Mode Module 11.02.2014

The "BlueMod+S" Bluetooth Smart Module from Stollmann is an ideal solution for connections to smart phones and for cable replacement applications for which low energy consumption is important. It is extremely small (17x10x2.6 mm) and has a radio range of approx. 50 m (line of sight).

BlueMod+S supports the Terminal I/O profile, which - comparable to SPP – offers a simple point-to-point connection. The module is equipped with an AT Command interface.

Both the hardware and the software interface of the BlueMod+S is compatible to the "BlueMod+SR" dual-mode module from Stollmann (depending on the firmware used). Both modules are therefore interchangeable with each other without making changes to the hardware or the software environment.
"The new BlueMod+S is the logical further development of our Bluetooth Low Energy product range. It combines high quality with an extremely small size and a broad range of functions," said Florian Herrmann, Director of Wireless Products at Stollmann.

Sample modules can be ordered on our product website.
Stollmann will present the module to its customers at the 2014 embedded world trade fair (Hall 2, Stand 559) in Nuremberg, Germany.

Bluetooth low energy profile enables serial data transmission with Apple iOS devices 16.05.2013

Stollmann offers the Terminal I/O profile on various Bluetooth modules, including now for the iOS platform, for instance on iPhone® 4s and higher. To make it easier for customers to integrate the profile, Stollmann offers a Terminal I/O Library for iOS. The library encapsulates the Bluetooth functionality and can be easily integrated into the customer's own app.

A Terminal I/O utility app developed by Stollmann is available from the App Store® for evaluation purposes. This app allows testing of transparent UART data transfer or the exchange of GPIO status. It can be used for testing by app developers in conjunction with a Bluetooth module with Terminal I/O firmware.

Terminal I/O App in the App Store.



iPhone and App Store are Trademarks of Apple Inc.

Bluetooth Dual Mode Module 06.02.2013

„BlueMod+SR“ is an extremely small embedded dual mode Bluetooth module. It supports classic Bluetooth basic rate (BR) and enhanced data rate (EDR) operations as well as the new low energy (LE) standard. For basic rate operations it offers simple Serial Port Profile (SPP) connections with full Secure Simple Pairing. For low energy operations the modules offers a generic GATT interface.

In addition to that it comes with the Terminal IO profile. Terminal IO allows transparent UART data and GPIO state transfer in low energy mode similar to SPP in basic rate mode. 

The module is very small (17x10x2.5 mm), has a wireless range of 100m (in line of sight) and allows low energy consumption and/or high data throughput. BlueMod+SR offers the best of both worlds.

Stollmann will be presenting the module at embedded world 2013 in hall 2, stand 531. 

Stollmann expands NFC software offering to support Texas Instruments' NFC solutions 24.10.2012

Hamburg/Germany, October 24, 2012 – Stollmann, a specialist in software stacks, announces the availability of a complete software solution supporting NFC products from one of the world’s leading semiconductor providers, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). 

This collaboration will make it easy for customers and partners around the world to integrate the popular NFC technology in many different devices. The offer from Stollmann for TI’s NFC portfolio is available for mobile end devices as well as for embedded solutions such as in the consumer electronics, industrial, white goods and medical sectors and thus can be used very flexibly. The modular software stack provides significant flexibility to the customer enabling customization of the desired level of integration. Thanks to the NFC software of Stollmann, the TI TRF79xx family of NFC chips will support all NFC modes, such as peer-to-peer, reader/writer, and card emulation modes, and can be used for previous applications through additional interfaces. The software is available for various operating systems including Windows 8, Linux and Android. Additional operating systems will be available on request.

 “The Stollmann protocol stack is the leading software solution for NFC solutions in the industry,” said Rafael Mena, product marketing manager, embedded RF, TI. “The Stollmann stack adapted for the TRF79xx family of devices will be offered across TI’s broad portfolio of embedded processing products, providing the most comprehensive solution in the industry.”

“The optimized use of TI NFC hardware in combination with the flexibility of Stollmann software enables high-quality NFC solutions in all sectors, whether mobile or stationary,” said Christian Andresen, Head of NFC Business Unit at Stollmann.

NFC meets Wireless Charging 04.09.2012

Hamburg/Germany, 03.09.2012 - Stollmann – specialist in software stacks for NFC, Bluetooth and ISDN –Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) – globally well-known in the automotive infotainment industry – and Funkwerk Dabendorf – renowned producer of mobile communication solutions in the automotive industry – agree upon cooperation for the smartphone integration in the car via NFC.

Today, we can see a steady and substantial rise in the integration of the smartphone into the vehicle. Jointly, the companies work on an innovative concept for the automotive industry. This „all-round carefree package“  includes the optimal combination of NFC, Wireless Charging, a universal antenna coupling and the customized display of the smartphone surface in the vehicle’s head unit display. Using standard interfaces such as NFC and Qi (the wireless charging standard of the Wireless Power Consortium) ensures 100 per cent compatibility and versatile use.

„It will be one of the biggest challenges for the future to enable people to easily handle the growing amount of functionalities of the smartphone in the car without intensive study of the manuals. Therefore, Near Field Communication (NFC) is crucial for the advancement of a system that covers the complete and future-proof integration of mobile phones in the vehicle.” says Nico Borm, VP Sales & Marketing at Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH.

An often cited example is Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing, at which an NFC-enabled mobile phone gets connected to the car radio via Bluetooth without entering a PIN, just by placing it at a built-in “NFC hotspot” in the car. In the future, along with well-established mobile phone functions such as telephone book or text messages it will be possible to transmit personalized information about the driver such as radio station, seat and mirror pre-settings. In times of increasing use of car sharing these solutions attract more and more interest.

“NFC is an essential transmission technology that is used in different industries and areas. The automotive industry uses NFC technology to open up towards other ecosystems. Nowadays, the user expects to use the smartphone with all its functionalities in the car as well – without complex integration processes” says Wenka Voss, International Marketing and Business Development Automotive at Stollmann.

The seamless integration of the mobile phone into the vehicle is also key to PLDS’s business developments. „We will ensure complete compatibility with all recent and future smartphones and optimal adaption of the integrated functionalities towards the specific needs of the driver.” says Stefan Graf, Director Marketing & New Technologies at PLDS.  

You may get a first impression of the joint solution during IZB Wolfsburg, Germany, October 10 to 12, 2012 (Hall 3, Booth 200).


Universial Smartphone Box

Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH, located at Dabendorf, just South of Berlin, is a subsidiary of the listed Funkwerk AG. Funkwerk Dabendorf has been developing and manufacturing solutions for mobile communication, telematics, multimedia and infotainment in the vehicle. Their customer base contains well-known car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Daimler as well as commercial vehicle manufacturers such as DAF, Daimler Trucks and MAN. Funkwerk Dabendorf is the globally leading company for the Compenser® technology, an amplifier technology that is specifically tailored for a reliable mobile network connection in vehicles.

Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) is one of the world’s leading companies for automotive infotainment, supplying CD and DVD drives as well as so-called virtual CD changers for car radios, navigation systems, rear seat entertainment systems and multimedia units in the vehicle. PLDS can look back on more than five decades of experience in the automotive infotainment industry. Today, Business Unit Automotive of the joint venture Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions has more than 800 employees worldwide and supports customers at several subsidiaries throughout the globe, with a powerful Research & Development Center in Germany. Following the success of optical disc drive production PLDS has been developing and manufacturing new products in the areas of automotive wireless charging, car-connectivity, and head up display kinematics.

Further Information:
Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH   
Märkische Straße                   
15806 Dabendorf                   
Nico Borm                       
VP Sales & Marketing               

PLDS Germany GmbH
Schanzenfeldstr. 2
35578 Wetzlar
Stefan Graf
Director Marketing & New Technology

Catchwell and Stollmann bring NFC to industrial ecosystem 15.06.2012

Stollmann integrates near field communication (NFC) in the upcoming product solutions and devices from Catchwell. NFC will be used as a smart extension to the product line enabling either payments with mobiles/cards or security access.

The modular concept of the Stollmann NFC stack, supporting different OS and NFC controller, enables Catchwell to deliver a highly flexible solution to their customers using standard NFC Forum operations or full access to legacy services. The solution is based on popular Android operating system as well as Microsoft mobile version of Windows, Windows Mobile 6.5. Main goal of the project is to deliver field proven NFC operational modes on an easy to adapt and abstract API, while the Catchwell products focus on compatibility and quality in support a broad range of devices and smart cards.

“With the Catchwell project, NFC steps into industrial use where no NFC subsystem is present today. This project is a reference for NFC in other ecosystems like mobiles dealing with all existing challenges starting from antenna design up to API access for the applications,” says Christian Andresen, head of business unit NFC, Stollmann.


l. Christian Andresen, Head of NFC Business Unit, Stollmann; r. Jae-Ung Jung, CEO, Catchwell, Inc., Korea

BlueCode+SR dual mode protocol software 09.02.2012

The Bluetooth v4.0 standard for low energy technology is expected to become the fastest growing wireless technology ever.

If you want to make your Bluetooth device “Bluetooth Smart Ready”, you need to use a qualified Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode software. Stollmann has expanded its “BlueCode+” protocol stack used by industry for over 10 years to include the low energy functionality. The result is a robust and proven state-of-the-art BlueCode+SR protocol stack, which is now available for use in your projects.

Start planning your Bluetooth Low Power projects now, and contact us for further information.