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NFC protocol stack for mobile phones, readers, PCs, and embedded devices. NFC software development kits for your NFC application development.



Download NFC Evaluation Kit for Windows

NFC Evaluation-Kit "NFCStack+Eva" (10,6MB)


Near Field Communication (NFC) is being integrated into smartphones and tablet PCs as radio technology for extremely short distances (<10 cm), thereby providing a platform for many applications.

Stollmann has developed the protocol stack NFCStack+, which can be integrated in practically any device to make it NFC-capable. Based on the NFC Forum standards, the stack enables all operating modes (reader/writer, peer-to-peer, card emulation) and works with many NFC chips, processors and operating systems.

You want to implement NFC in your product?

The protocol stack is needed for every NFC Chip to manage the communication. The solution is independent from the chip supplier chosen.

Why using the protocol stack NFCStack+ from Stollmann?

Very often the protocol stack is offered open source from the chip supplier. We rely on software that we write and maintain. You decide whether to rely on the quality of the world's leading commercial NFC protocol stack and always be up to date. We specialize in communication technology, while you specialize in your products. We are chip independent and offer you the freedom of a second-source-policy. Stay independent, you decide.

NFC Evaluation and Development Kits

You can use our evaluation kit to try out NFC. You can download the software free of charge from our website (on the left). 

Our software development kits help you to develop your own NFC solutions. We offer several different SDKs

NFC for Android: NFCStack+SDK/Android

NFC for Windows: NFCStack+SDK/Windows

NFC for Embedded Systems: NFCStack+SDK/embedded