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Call Management Software for the integration into networking devices for the handling of voice traffic.


Call Manager Software

  • Call management software for networking devices
  • Call handling including supplementary services and PABX like features
  • Board support package (BSP) abstraction layer (source code on request)
  • Configuration and management API (CMS)
  • Voice over IP support (IMS enhancements under prep.)
  • Wide range of local interfaces like ISDN and POTS (DECT/CAT-iq and SIP-clients under prep.)

CallMngr+ is a portable call management software for integration into networking devices. It adds support for voice handling into i.e. gateways, router, eMTA and any kind of integrated access devices (IAD) etc. CallMngr+ covers a central call management system with a rich feature set like supplementary services, PABX like features and supports various interfaces like POTS, ISDN, CAT-iq. The integrated voice over IP stack makes CallMngr+ a complete software subsystem for the management and handling of voice streams in a multifunctional networking device using SIP signaling and RTP media stream. CallMngr+ is also capable to handle SIP clients in customer networks.

Package includes:
  • CallMngr+ binary and libraries
  • Own SIP Stack (other’s on request)
  • CMS API example as CLI code
  • Documentation including detailed description on how to read CallMngr+ logs and how to debug issues
  • FAE training on request

In most cases, source code of the CallMngr+ is not really needed as the CMS provides such a wide range of configuration possibilities meeting the configuration requirements for different projects. However if customer prefer in having the source code, it can be considered to offer the source code of certain layers.


Supported Codecs
  • G.711 a-law and µ-law
  • Fax G3 (T.38) and other codecs depend on DSP resources


Additional Services
  • Consulting for system design in hardware and software
  • Hardware reference designs including validated schematics and layout documentation for POTS and ISDN interfacing (FXS and FXO)
  • Support for test scenarios including functional and performance tests
  • Different packages and business models specially tailored