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Stollmann has been developing and marketing serial Bluetooth adapters and standard modules since 1999. As well as these modules, Stollmann also has a proprietary Bluetooth stack. This means that the technology is fully under control and extensive customer-specific adaptations can be made.

Bluetooth Smart Module
Single Mode with Terminal I/O Peripheral Firmware

BlueMod+S is the next generation Bluetooth solution for smartphone connectivity and cable replacement applications with low energy consumption. With our development kit BlueDev+S you can develop your own firmware on the BlueMod+S and receive the modules flashed with your own firmware directly from production.


The single mode module is designed to connect ultra low power wireless sensors and peripherals to Bluetooth v4.0/v4.1-equipped smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The small form factor (17x10x2.6 mm) Bluetooth Smart module has a range of up to 50m. The module is Bluetooth 4.1, CE, FCC, IC and KCC qualified.

The BlueMod+S supports the Terminal I/O profile. Terminal I/O works similar to SPP and offers a simple point-to-point connection, including flow control over-the-air, for use cases that require low data rate and transparent data exchange. It is controlled by an AT command interface. The module also comes with a generic GATT interface. This interface allows the use of any Bluetooth Low Energy standard profile as well as customer specific proprietary profiles.

The BlueMod+S is mechanical and electrical compatible to Stollmann’s dual mode module  BlueMod+SR. As both modules also have the same software interface, the BlueMod+SR can simply be replaced by the BlueMod+S without any additional changes to the hardware or software.

Technical Specifications

LengthxWidthxHeight 17 x 10 x 2.6 mm
Range (LOS) Up to 50 m
Transmit power -30 to +5 dBm
Receiver sensitivity -88 dBm
UART 9600 bps - 921600 bps (asynchronous)
Other interfaces I²C, SPI
GPIOs Up to 19
Temperature range -25° to +75°C
Qualification Bluetooth 4.1, CE, FCC, IC, KCC
Profiles GATT, Terminal I/O
Antenna internal ceramic
Antenna external n/a
Power supply 1.8V to 3.6V
Power consumption: transmission 2-6 mA (depending on connection parameters)
Power consumption: standby 0.021 mA
Power consumption: sleep 0.003 mA
Intergration LGA