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Stollmann has been developing and marketing serial Bluetooth adapters and standard modules since 1999. As well as these modules, Stollmann also has a proprietary Bluetooth stack. This means that the technology is fully under control and extensive customer-specific adaptations can be made.


Development Kit for the Bluetooth Low Energy Module "BlueMod+S"

You develop your own firmware but still want to use a certified module? 

The BlueDev+S makes exactly that possible. Together with the Nordic Toolchain you can develop your own firmware directly on the BlueMod+S. If required we deliver the modules already flashed with your own firmware. You can include your own application on the BlueMod+S or develop your own custom profiles. The source code of the required software (test modes) is part of the BlueDev+S.

ANT Support

Especially for the use in sports and fitness applications, Stollmann provides a variant of the development kit with ANT support, BlueDev+S/ANT. ANT is a wireless communications technology, which is often incorporated into sports and fitness sensors.

The BlueDev+S/ANT is based on the S310 Softdevices from Nordic and comes with an integrated advanced ANT stack with support for complex network topologies, up to 15 configurable logical channels and enhanced ANT features. It provides a full and flexible API for building concurrent ANT and BLE solutions.

The SDK allows implementing ANT/ANT+ but does not provide a complete ANT solution. See for further information regarding ANT.

Package Content
  • BlueDev+S Board (extended evaluation board with Bluetooth module "BlueMod+S")
  • Mini USB cable
  • Battery CR2032 
  • 9-pin debugger cable
  • Stollmann demo source code (requires nRF51 SDK, Nordic Semiconductor, not included)
System Requirements
  • PC with Windows XP or higher
  • 1-2 free USB ports
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Keil Microcontroller Development Kit for compiling the demo application
  • Cortex M0 debugger hardware or Nordics nRF51 Dev-Kit