Intelligent embedded modules for integration of ISDN and Bluetooth, plus external stand-alone devices which can be used to add communication capability to existing devices. Stollmann has many years of experience in developing and integrating communication technologies.

Communication modules

Stollmann offers a wide range of standard modules and adapters for integration of Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy.


Stollmann offers quality.

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1996
  • Production carried out by subcontractors within Germany
  • Production support for customers all over the world
  • Product qualification and approval for ISDN and Bluetooth
  • Project management in acc. with the ISO process
  • Version control systems


 Stollmann offers a number of additional benefits.

  • Full access thanks to proprietary protocol stacks
  • Simple and quick modifications
  • Experienced 2nd level support
  • User guides for easy integration
  • Full product acceptance in-house
  • External test lab on request