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Stollmann takes actively part in standardization bodies and actively participates in research projects in a wide range of applications in order to maintain a competitive edge going forward.


Stollmann takes actively part in standardization bodies:

Bluetooth SIG

Stollmann is Associate member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and has full access to all documents and working groups of the Bluetooth SIG. Stollmann actively participates in the Health devices working group, the Sports & Fitness working group and the Smart Mesh working group.

NFC Forum

Stollmann is Associate member of the NFC-Forum with full participation rights in the working groups. Stollmann actively participates in the Developers Working Group.



Research Projects


Stollmann is participating in the research project „Digitale und sichere Prozesse in der Kabine für den Passagier und die Besatzung, short: DiProPax!

Ziel des Vorhabens ist die erstmalige Integration von moderner Nahfeldkommunikation (NFC) in das Kabinenmanagementsystem. Diese kontaktlose Schnittstelle für sichere Transaktionen und gesicherte Kommunikation bietet für Benutzer eine neue Form der intuitiven Bedienung und physischen Interaktion. An Flughäfen ist diese Technologie von IATA und SITA als Wegbereiter für das digitale Reisen bereits festgelegt.

Programme: Luftfahrtforschungsprogramm V, Erster Programmaufruf 2014 - 2017

Duration: 01/2014 - 12/2016



Stollmann is participating in the research project „Innovation hybrid strategy of IT-outsourcing partnership with enterprises IHSITOP“. Wide objective of the project is to develop collaboration between universities and enterprises in Ukraine in order to enhance IT-education aiming to provide IT outsource service market with high-quality professionals.

Stollmann will bring in long years of experience in the professional IT-development business and is willing to share best practise of how to plan, conclude, manage, control and calculate IT-outsourcing projects with the partners.

The project is part of the Tempus Programme . Tempus is the European Union’s programme which supports the modernisation of higher education in the Partner Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region, mainly through university cooperation projects.

Call Manager Module

Within the scope of the program for innovation of the Hamburg Ministry of Economy and Labor Stollmann is developing a call manager module. The Hamburg Foundation for Innovation is the body responsible for the project.

Stollmann will develop a Call Manager module for integration of telecommunications devices into LTE networks.


Stollmann is participating in the research program INTAKT (Integrated Emergency Management and Therapy System for Acute Care of Emergency Patients) within the scope of the offensive for innovation ‘Information and Communication Technology (IKT)’ of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The aim of the joint project is the development of an innovative information and communication system for integrated emergency and therapy management as a base for secure wireless networking of diagnosis and therapy devices in emergency device groups. By establishing a health device profile compliant Bluetooth communication based on the IEEE 11073 data protocol between the individual diagnosis and therapy processes, an efficient integration of new devices and analysis processes is supposed to be made possible. Stollmann is developing the wireless communication interface and will arrange for an IEEE 11073 compliant implementation that will allow synchronous data transmission in the application area of blood pressure monitoring.


As part of the European research project “PlaNetS”, Stollmann has developed a Home Gateway as a link between home and public networks.

Exerpt from the final report:

The national BMBF funded project NGN PlaNetS (Next Generation Network - Platform for Networked Services) was integrated into the European joint project A121 PlaNetS within the framework of MEDEA+. Both projects had the objective of implementing and verifying platforms for the key components of future broadband network access. This includes end devices and the Home Gateway of the subscriber, the “first mile”, the access nodes and the Border Gateway on the network side.

In the German part of the joint project, the focus was on developing the network-side components and implementing a test network in the T-Systems laboratory in Berlin. The subscriber-side components, especially the end devices, were mainly developed by the European partners, with the exception of the Home Gateway (the bridge between the home and public networks), which was developed by German partner Stollmann.


A continuous vital parameter measurement and monitoring system is currently under development in KonMeVit to support medical prevention measures for cardiovascular patients. Stollmann is in charge of the Bluetooth connections between the individual recording units and responsible for transferring the data thus obtained to a computer for analysis via the GSM mobile network.

Safety Radio

Reliable radio communication for functionally safe automation systems within the framework of the InnoNet program promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The objective of the project is to fulfill certain basic requirements that would allow the advantages of radio-based communication to be utilized in safety-related applications of manufacturing or processing systems as well.

Once our plans are complete, results will include technical solutions that considerably improve the reliability of wireless communication and, accordingly, the “black channel”. In addition, a certifiable location-based safety concept will be developed.


This PRO INNO II research project set out to develop a universal control unit for wireless and mobile interaction. For this universal control unit, Stollmann developed a Bluetooth connection transport interface.